Choral Chameleon Artist Profile: Erika Lloyd

Erika Lloyd is a freelance singer and painter living in (and loving) Brooklyn. She is most widely known as the lead singer and composer for the indie rock band, Little Grey Girlfriend. She is also the soprano for the Renaissance quartet, The Good Pennyworths, a performer in Choral Chameleon and other Choirs around NYC, an event music singer, a solo singer/songwriter, and one half of a newly formed folk/rock collaboration with guitarist Cameron Mizell. She also works as a commissioned artist, with projects ranging from family portraits to logo design.


She received her Bachelors of Voice Performance, Early Music, from Indiana University’s School of Music in 2005. While studying there, she was a featured soloist in Pro Arte and The Women’s Choir, and was taught and coached by world-renowned early music musicians, such as Paul Elliott, Nigel North, and Elisabeth Wright. As part of the Early Music Institute of I.U. she developed a love for Renaissance and Baroque repertoire and was able to perform in chamber concerts and recitals with fantastic musicians, all on period instruments. She also took a semester in Vienna, Austria, where she performed at The Palais Corbelli and studied with the Coloratura, Donna Robin, of the StadtsOper, Vienna.


Erika loves applying her classical training to her rock, folk, and pop singing, and vice versa. You can also hear a lot of her visual language from being a painter in her lyrics. To her, the arts are the highest form of human communication yet. She is passionate, expressive, and unique, and it shows in every one of her performances and creations.


Current Musical Project:  

‘Pour a Little Everything Else: Erika Lloyd & Cameron Mizell’ – a distinctive collection of folk, rock, and pop covers. Some simple and acoustic, others affected with layers of sound. Powerful, innocent, and personal.


CD available for purchase on iTunes and CDBaby:


So, Erika, what do you like about singing with Choral Chameleon?


“My favorite thing about singing with Choral Chameleon is the sensation I get when everyone’s tones and sound waves lock in to form the voice of one organism.”


Tell us about a favorite song Choral Chameleon has performed:


“My favorite piece we have performed thus far would have to be ‘Sometimes I Feel Alive’ by Julian Wachner.”


Let’s say someone was invited to a Choral Chameleon concert, but had never heard the choir sing before.  What would you wish to tell them about Choral Chameleon?


“I am so happy to be singing with such a diverse group of singers!  The music is heart breaking and uplifting- it will change your life.”





Erika’s website is


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