Choral Chameleon Artist Profile: Jeremy Pasha

Jeremy’s parents met while playing a contemporary piece in the Concord Orchestra, in Concord Mass. It was one of those pieces where the orchestra was rearranged so the cellos were next to the percussion.

Jeremy’s mother, being a cellist, and father, a percussionist, hit it off and the rest is history. So, it can be said that Jeremy wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for music.

 Growing up, Jeremy studied piano and cello and sang in four high school choruses. He went on to study at Boston University’s Tanglewood Institute. He then took a detour away from classical music to receive a BFA from Syracuse University in musical theater. Now, besides being brought back to his choral roots with the Chameleons, Jeremy is pursuing a career as an actor in the big city, with his goal of singing on a Broadway stage. His theatrical credits include the national tours of Jesus Christ Superstar and Seussical the Musical, as well as many productions both regional and in New York City. Most recently, he performed the role of Kevin/Duane in the Planet Connections Theater Festivity’s Our Country, written by fellow Chameleon Tony Asaro. Lots of love to his friends and family.

Jeremy Pasha is a tenor in Choral Chameleon.


So, Jeremy, what do you like about singing with Choral Chameleon?

 Choral Chameleon approaches music very differently than many other groups. There are emotional and theatrical elements which are explored as well as the incredible level of musicianship of its members. Plus the people are really cool. Joe brings a lot of chocolate to rehearsals 🙂


Tell us about a favorite song Choral Chameleon has performed:

 I’d have to agree with Erika and say the Julian Wachner piece from the Three Songs concert is my favorite. I loved all the different meters that we got to sing it, even if it was a pain to count…


Let’s say someone was invited to a Choral Chameleon concert, but had never heard the choir sing before. What would you wish to tell them about Choral Chameleon?

 Chameleons are incredibly hard working musicians who really love to sing. We only hope to share our joy of singing with you.


Choral Chameleon’s Blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz, baritone and Choral Representative to the board.


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