Choral Chameleon Sings Gospel, Jazz

In addition to fantastic music by Jeff Parola, Hector Berlioz, and others, Choral Chameleon will be presenting two gospel pieces at the Nov. 1st, 2009 concert.  They are being rehearsed in the oral tradition with no sheet music, and will feature soloists with choral responses.  It’s just another way Choral Chameleon steps outside the box of traditional choral singing to create emotional, enjoyable, accessible musical experiences.

This just in!  Members of Choral Chameleon will also be participating in a concert at Lincoln Center on Saturday, October 4th @7pm, Rose Hall.  The concert is an evening of NYC premieres and gospel/jazz/orchestral fusion.   Vince Peterson will be conducting  the women of Choral Chameleon in “Gospel Fuse.”   Many  members of Choral Chameleon will join Brooklyn College Chorale in an opera suite by Kirke Mechem (“the dean of American choral composers”) — conducted by Randall Keith Horton, of Duke Ellington Orchestra fame.

Chameleons are taking over NYC’s music scene, one concert at a time!


Choral Chameleon’s Blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz, baritone and Choral Representative to the board.


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