Choral Chameleon Artist Profile: Gregory Cicchino

Greg graduated from Syracuse University with a B.F.A. in acting with an additional concentration in directing. While there, he was fortunate enough to work closely with Syracuse Stage (one of the only theater programs in the country that work in conjunction with a LORT Theater).  He is trained both as a director and actor in many styles of theater, from ancient Greek through Shakespeare (his most recent venture being the critically acclaimed As You Like It with the Queens Players) to the clowning styles of Jacque Lacoq.  Since moving to New York, his directing experience has run the gambit.  He has directed contemporary dramas, as well as a number of classical pieces, in addition to many musicals, both chamber and with large companies.    He has worked in commercial theater at every level in New York, and extensively in the non-profit arena.  He has taken several shows through the reading and workshop stages into full development, the most successful being the musical The Unusual Suspects, through the New York International Fringe Festivalwhich was one of Backstage’s Picks of the Fringe.  Please check out his websitefor additional credits


Greg has opted out of answering additional artist bio questions.  Who am I to judge?


Choral Chameleon’s Blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz, baritone and Choral Representative to the board.


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