Music That Transforms and Inspires


Choral Chameleon‘s Day of the Dead concert on Nov. 1st, 2009 continues to receive rave reviews from concert-goers, as they find the time in their busy schedules to reflect on how the concert experience touched their minds, souls, and hearts.

Alto Leigh Trifari

Alto Leigh Trifari had mentioned, post-concert, that one of her friends and colleagues from SUNY Potsdam had thoroughly enjoyed the concert, remembering that Dale had said something like, “THIS is what choral music is supposed to be today, and all the other New York choral groups are SO yesterday!”







Intrigued, we wanted to know what else Dale had to say, and this is what we received.


“I attended the Choral Chameleon concert on Sunday in the midst of NYC Marathon Madness: hundreds and hundreds of runners and their families meeting up after the conclusion of the race and taking over CPW. After dodging a veritable sea of silver-wrapped exhausted international athletes, I entered the church and was transfigured by the glorious sounds of this marvelous choral ensemble. This is the way we want our 21st-century singing! Variety-nuanced-well-prepared singing in a setting to enhance the experience. I think this was my third Choral Chameleon concert and I was so impressed after last season’s finale that I sent a small donation to help support them. Vince is an inspired conductor who has assembled a stunning group of young people who combine their talents and showcase many. One of the singers is a fellow alum of The Crane School of Music. I sat there, enjoying the selections, thinking about how proud all of our mentors would be to know that they DID instill in us the love of singing, and moreso, the ability to create art that transforms and inspires.”

Dale Alan Zurbrick
SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association


When all is said and done, it is music that can touch the soul and awaken the spirit to “transform and inspire” just as Dale says.  All choral music has its place in the world, but Choral Chameleon is the cutting-edge, modern scene of vocal ensembles.  Chameleons adapt to fit their environment.  Choral Chameleon is the voice of now.

So what’s the goal of Choral Chameleon, anyway?

Choral Chameleon is an innovative vocal ensemble that thinks outside the box about choral music.  The mission of Choral Chameleon is to create a new paradigm in choral music and reshape the listener’s experience. Defying convention and expectation, the group brings together the old and the new, the spiritual and the secular, the popular and the obscure. Choral Chameleon recognizes that all music is made of the same elements, and sings in the musical language of the new generation of listeners.

The CC blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz, baritone and Singer Representative to the board (ex-officio)


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