Choral Chameleon NEW ARTIST Bio: Evan Crawford

chameleon-blog2Choral Chameleon‘s newest member, soprano Evan Crawford, is today’s blog feature. 

Evan Crawford, soprano, is thrilled to be singing with the talented members of Choral Chameleon. A devotee of new opera and musical theater as well as choral music, Evan’s recent roles include Albert D.J. Cashier in the world-premiere performance of Marie Incontrera’s No Shirts, No Skirts, No Service and Betty in Christian McLeer’s House, both with the Brooklyn-based Remarkable Theater Brigade. As a chorister, Evan has sung with the 2008 Beijing Olympics Festival Chorus; with the Brooklyn College Chorale as the soprano soloist in Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms; and with RTB in the world premiere of Christian McLeer’s Requiem. A graduate student at Brooklyn College, Evan studies voice with Monica Harte and conducting with Vince Peterson (Artistic Director of Choral Chameleon).

Offstage, Evan enjoys writing and loves stories of all kinds – whether reading or watching them – and in addition to performing, hopes to become a playwright, librettist, and/or the person who gets a gender-neutral pronoun added to dictionaries.


There’s something appealing about singing with Choral Chameleon, is there not?

Apart from the obvious – that the whole group is incredibly talented – I love the energy. I attended two rehearsals and a concert before I was asked to sing with Choral Chameleon, and the singers were very friendly and engaging. A number of them struck up conversations with me although they clearly had no idea who I was or why I was hanging around. When I started singing with the group last week, it was more of the same. Everyone has been really welcoming. I also like the seriousness and dedication. I’ve noticed that experienced soloists sometimes have a tendency not to take choral singing seriously, even though singing as a group requires its own level of musicianship. These singers clearly love and respect what they are doing, which makes me happy to be there.


What is your performance schedule like outside of Choral Chameleon?

I am currently in rehearsals for a February production of a contemporary opera: “The Veil of Forgetfulness” by Susan Stoderl, in which I will be singing the role of Brigid.



What else do you have going on?

I am also in my first semester of the graduate voice program at Brooklyn College, where I am working as the choral graduate assistant and singing with both choirs.


Do you have a favorite, inspirational quote?

I have a lot, but I’ll share this one from the movie Mulan: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”


What’s your favorite Choral Chameleon selection that you’ve either sung or heard the group perform?

I heard the choir sing “There Will Be Rest” by Frank Ticheli at the last concert, and in rehearsal a few weeks before. I was already enjoying listening to the rehearsal, but when the choir began to sing that piece I was riveted. It’s simply beautiful.


The choir is always reaching out to new fans to attend concerts.  What do you want people to know about Choral Chameleon?

They are one of the most talented choral groups I’ve heard – certainly the most talented I’ve sung with – and it’s FUN. The music is fun, the people are fun, and the whole experience is unique.


This blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz, baritone & Singer Representative to the board (ex-officio)


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