Top Ten Reasons Why Choral Chameleon Is Awesome


   Not that you needed them (because you ALREADY love us) but here are 10 things you should know about Choral Chameleon.




10. Concert Receptions.  More often than not, there is a reception with lots of yummy food and wine or other alcohol.  Yum.

9. Did you say Beatles?  Yes, we often sing selections written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.  Who doesn’t like The Beatles?  

8. Tickets Are Super Cheap!  This speaks for itself.  It’s always under $20 if you buy online.

7. Outside Support.  Numerous, talented individuals have pitched in to support Choral Chameleon, from artwork to website development to photography to composition, a diverse group of talent has caught the Chameleon vibe!

6. Tremendous Talent.  Members of the ensemble are opera singers, broadway singers, composers, teachers, conductors, doctors, visual artists, models, actors, directors, instrumentalists, and so on and so forth.  Choral Chameleon‘s singers come from all over the country (Canada, too) and represent some of the most expressive choral singers around.  

5. Chameleons Have Fun.  Pretty much all of the choir members like each other, care about each other, and are sensitive to each other.  This makes them sing incredibly well as a unit.  But more than anything else, they all love what they do, and this comes across to the audience.  Isn’t it fun to see other  people have fun?

4. Emotion.  Rather than trying to sing perfectly, Choral Chameleon strives to pull on the heartstrings.  The result?  A profound experience which is difficult to express with words, and leaves the listener glad they came.

3. The Board. Most people don’t know about the behind-the-scenes activity of an organization’s board of directors, but Choral Chameleon‘s includes many talented musicians, administrators, and other industry professionals who are all passionate about promoting the performing arts.  They are the rock of the group, and boy do they rock!

2. Vince Peterson.  It is rare to work with an artistic director who is as hip, talented, passionate, and emotionally invested in the direction and potential impact of an ensemble as Vince Peterson.  Sometimes he pushes you farther than you want to go, but it’s always a good thing in the end.  Without challenges there will not be growth.

1. We sing outstanding, diverse music.   From Renaissance songs to modern pop music, Choral Chameleon delivers an exciting program at each concert.  I often hear people describe that they enjoyed going to a symphony, for example, but after 2 hours of hearing classical music, they become bored to death.  Choral Chameleon concerts are like taking the coolest person in the world’s iPod and setting it to shuffle.


This blog is written by Andrew Cook-Feltz.


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