Who is Choral Chameleon?

Chameleons adapt to fit their environment.  Choral Chameleon is the voice of now.

Choral Chameleon is an innovative new generation of artists thinking outside the box about choral music. A professional chamber choir of vocalists from varied musical backgrounds, the group has the unique ability to transition seamlessly between styles and genres. Defying convention and expectation, the group brings together the old and the new, the spiritual and the secular, the popular and the obscure.

This is not your grandmother’s church choir.  This is Choral Chameleon!

Director: Vince Peterson

Soprano: Evan Crawford, Katherine Gorringe, Erika Lloyd, Julie Waters, Katie Zaffrann

Alto: Kelly Baxter Golding, Alicia Lieu, Jackie Perez, Leigh Trifari

Tenor:  Jacques Joseph, Scott Morwitz, Jeremy Pasha, Gates Thomas

Bass: Jonathan Bautista, Joseph Bellino, Justin Chiao, Andrew Cook-Feltz, Erol Gurol


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